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programme for Thursday-25th October

Visit to Richmond Fellowship Service.

Time: 9.30 to 12.30

Learning Objective:

1. What is the criteria for admission into a half-way home.

2. What are the needs of people that are addressed when they are admitted into a half-way-home.

3. What is a therapeutic-community.

4. How is therapeutic-community being implemented @Richmond-Fellowship Services.

5. What are the challenges in running a halfway-home.

Discussion@2.00 pm in lecture hall,Dept of Psychiatry after the visit.


so we begin..

Starting off this blog with a video recorded (with mobile-phone camera)  of  Dr. K V Kishore Kumar (Senior Consultant in-charge of community psychiatry @NIMHANS) educating ASHA workers at primary health center about mental health.

Before that a few basics:

1. What is a blog? A blog is a discussion or informational website. It contains discrete entries in reverse chronological order (most recent entries appear first).Though not a requirement blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments. Most blogs are primarily textual but it can have pictures, video and audio.

2. What is purpose of this academic-blog? Provide general information related to mental health and augment academic interaction  among trainees attending community psychiatry posting. They are required to follow this blog via email. The blog shall be maintained by Dr Ramkumar G S (Senior Resident)

and so we begin..