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Local-spread of Blue-whale legend in Kerala: part 2


My initial blog on the blue-whale pandemic which captured the trail upto 1 week after the local media-outbreak in Kerala, was posted a week back. I had observed at that time that the media-interest in it had waned, however that was not to be! As the real oceanic cousins of the digital-whale are wont to surprise, it was but a dive, disappear and resurface!

What followed was another bout of hysterical paroxysm for the media – this time rendered more jarring by the breaking-news visual media and its expert-ized prime-time discussions. So much happened over the few days that I thought it did be better to have a part2 to document the artifacts. These artifacts span the visual/ print/virtual/ digital/ social media expressions like trolls, messages, poems, narrative anecdotes, …..

This time again it was the malayalamanorama group (manoaramanews channel) which ignited the proceedings like its print-arm had done it earlier. It was breaking news : ” killer games gets its first prey in Kerala” , “16 year old die after playing blue whale, says mother”, “proof that the boy had completed the blue whale tasks”

IMG-20170815-WA0003     IMG-20170815-WA0004  IMG-20170815-WA0005     IMG-20170818-WA0002

This sets off the cascade, artifacts from which are collated below:

police chief


media discussions in which psychiatrists, cyber experts etc participated

IMG-20170816-WA0004   IMG-20170816-WA0003     abn

trolls and images in social media

IMG-20170820-WA0005                  trolll

IMG-20170820-WA0007           IMG-20170818-WA0001

Testimonial with poem

another poem 

facebook-page post by a collective of doctors who are “myth busters”

twitter (There is a more dangerous game than in India. It is called  farming. Participants commit suicide in the end. Families too.)

blog post

whatsapp handout  

Youtube search history with “kerala blue whale” threw up ~800 videos uploaded in last one month.

newspaper follow through:

IMG-20170817-WA0001    IMG-20170817-WA0002

Gov of India request to google and Facebook


Kerala child rights commission initiates a case

Intex Aqua Wing_20170817_110434_300

news reports on updates by police

police1   police2

full text of above report as it came in bignewslive -refutation by police

A report that asks to focus on depression


Thus the Blue whale true to its folkloric nature stimulates a lot of cultural expressions too, over and above the hysteria in the news media and the media-men.

August 20: news reports

1. IG incharge of cyber investigation in Kerala categorically says no game exist.


2. An admin of a meme generatiing website  comments on how they felt spreading “awareness” in early stages can be counterproductive and hence kept away from it as part of being socially responsible.

“We try to create socially responsible memes as part of our collaboration with the Cyberdome.For instance, even before the news of the Bluewhale game spread, the officers were interested in spreading awareness. However, we advised them against it as people have a tendency to experiment with things which we urge them not to try out,” said Hrishikesh Bhaskaran, an ICU admin, adding that they made sure that no such memes were posted.

3. Meanwhile reports of the hysteria-cycle starting at neighbouring state of Karnataka!
Added later:
nice analytical article which came in facebook and reprinted in mathrubhoomionline.
ബ്ലൂ വെയ്_ലിന് നിരോധനം _ Blue Whale game (1)





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