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Emerging intersectoral health/social programs in Kerala.


See below a collated list of emerging intersectoral health (physical+ mental) and social care programs in Kerala. This list is complied based on newspaper reports of last three months.

Name of program/ Initiative


Collaborating Stakeholders


Target­­­­­­ area/population


Lifestyle Education and Awareness Programme (LEAP)


National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), The State Health Department, and the Education Dept.


Children (? School going)


District Early Intervention Centres (DEICs)


RBSK (Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram),Departments of Health and Social Justice, ‘State-wide Initiative on Disabilities’


All Children with disabilities 0-18 yrs


­­­­Dial A doctor (1056)


DISHA (Direct Intervention System for  Health Awareness), NRHM,The State Health Dept.


Health care and counseling over telephone


State-wide joint survey to prepare a database on disabilities


Departments of Health, Education, and Social Welfare, State social security mission,‘State-wide Initiative on Disabilities’


All age group, Prevention of disabilities, early detection and intervention, education, and rehabilitation.


NUHM (National Urban health mission)


The Health Dept, Depts of Urban Affairs, Social Justice, and Local Self Government with expanded District Health Societies.


Health care in urban areas.


NCD (Centrally sponsored Scheme)


NMHP, Cancer control, Diabetes, CVD, Stroke,Elderly care and Trauma


All non communicable diseases.


Clean campus/ Save campus.
(This list is not exhaustive)
 Home Dept+ Edu Dept.

Substance use in schools.


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