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“Counselling room” opened at extension clinics of CMHP-Kottayam.


Counselling rooms were opened as part of the Community Mental Health Programme (CMHP) Kottayam at its monthly outreach clinics.

IMG_0003Note the portable stand-ease board  which is can be rolled down and packed into a carry bag for the next clinic.

Services offered are

  • Psycho-eduction about illness behavior
  • Drug Compliance therapy.
  • Care giver support
  • IDEAS Disability assessment
  • MET interviewing for Alocohol using patients
  • Brief supportive psychotherapy for Common Mental health issues.
  • Assessment of children with behavioral problems
  • Assessment of women and elderly who need intensive case management needs.
  • Case management of dementia and mentally retarded children.
  • Linking home based care by collaboration with field staff ( (JHI/JPHN) who have started attending the clinic. (Patronage for the same received from the deputy DMO-Kottayam).



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  1. dranoopg says:

    Limitation of space is a big issue i have noticed at palakkad…………and nearly 100 patients per clinic……….i dont know whether this is practical at palakkad………I often face trouble in ensuring complete privacy in many clinics…

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