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A prototype onsite training program – “MINGLE” by Field Psychiatric Team (Kottayam).


The following plan was today put forward for trial roll out at outreach clinics of CMHP-Kottayam. The  purpose is for continued onsite training and hand-holding of General Practitioners who have already received offsite training (one week) at the nodal center (Govt. Medical College, Kottayam). Suggestions are welcome as comments.


Mental-health INto General-practice Linkage Effort


Trained-Medical-officer (CHC) and the visiting Field-Psychiatrist (NRHM) to jointly run the monthly mental-health clinics (CMHP) in the respective peripheral centers.  Trial run to be rolled out in selected 5 CMHP clinics. Clinics selected based on trained medical officer present, adequate staff strength at CHC, adequate clinical load for training purpose.


  1.  Field Psychiatrist and CHC Medical officer will jointly see new patients registered at clinic. This is for hands-on mutual learning experience and formulating care plan in the periphery setting.
  2.  CHC MO shall independently see stable patients as part of routine follow-up in the clinic. This is for confidence building to see cases independently.


  1.  The Trained MO to spare time from 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM (1 hr) exclusively for CMHP clinic.
  2.  Patronage from MO in-charge of the CHC, DMO/ Deputy DMO for this initiative.

Particulars of a select list of CHCs (Community Health Centers)

Serial no. Name of CHC Trained MO present Adequate no. of patients in clinic
1. xxx1 Dr yyy1 Yes (2z)
2. xxx2 Dr yyy2 Yes (1z)
3. xxx3 Dr yyy3 Yes (1z)
4. xxx4 Dr yyy4 Yes (1z)
5. xxx5 Dr yyy5 Yes (1z)
6. xxx6 Dr yyy6 Yes (1z)


  1. DR ANOOP.G says:

    In the handbook provided to the patients under CMHP clinics of Palakkad District,my official number for the purpose (8086386290) is the only number provided.Everyday i am getting calls from patients,regarding medications,concerns,etc..etc…and often leaves me in trouble…since no idea who is who among the vast numbers i use to see every month..hence I have instructed every patient not to directly call me, but through the medical officer/doctor of concerned institution…..
    My suggestion is atleast 2 or 3 doctors under a block should be trained and should be alternately arranged to conduct the clinics on the day before our CMHP clinic,which is fixed..like 1st tuesday,3rd monday etc….those patients requiring special evaluation may be refered to attend clinic next day…..where the team psychiatrist and medical officer can see the patient….
    so on a CMHP clinic day, the team will be seeing only NEW CASES/SPECIAL CASES/REFERED CASES BY TRAINED MOs….
    I would like to know opinion of blog members……regarding this..thank u

  2. ram says:

    Yes indeed Anoop, the CHC MO seeing stable followup patients on the eve of the CMHP outreach OP day is definitely one way of going ahead. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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