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Research Methods in Cultural Epidemiology.


Professor Mitchell G Weiss talked aboutce “Researching Explanatory Models in Mental Illness: Integrating Mixed Research Methods” at Department of Mental Health Education @NIMHANS on 7.2.2013.

The talk focused on integrating qualitative and quantitative methods in investigating explanatory models in illness in the framework of cultural epidemiology.Principles of the EMIC (The Explanatory Model Interview Catalogue) interviewing was explained along with using tablet-computer aided data entry, integrated quantitative and quantitative data management and data analysis. The features of  MAXQDA software was demonstrated.

1. An overview of conceptual framework of cultural epidemiology (mixed) as a combination of  Anthropology/ethnography (qualitative)  and  epidemiology (quantitative) was provided in a research methodology orientation with emphasis on tools and software.See audio excerpt below.

2. In the earlier part of the talk, the integrated qualitative and quantitative methods used in explanatory models in Illness was focused with detailing of the EMIC interview method and questionnaire.See excerpt below.

added on 08.07.2013

1.Patient and healers in the context of culture 1980

2. Clinical implications of explanatory models 2002

3. EMIC 1992

4. SEMI 1998



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